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DMDTheProducer was born and raised in Denver, Colorado in the north side of town. At an early age he and his family knew he would be an artist. He was drawing pictures before he could even talk. His first art form was visual arts painting and drawing. He went to a prestigious school in Denver called the Denver School of the Arts. Being the creative he was came with some social challenges, DMD always had trouble with authority. Because of this he would often be in trouble and eventually would get kicked out of school. Eventually, he found his calling in Music when he bought his first Casio keyboard. Originally looking to purchase a DJ Turntable to begin making music, he opted to buy the more affordable instrument in the keyboard and taught himself how to play his favorite songs.

Learning quickly how to play the keyboard, DMD found like-minded friends and eventually learned how to produce his own music. Over a decade later DMD has produced for various notable musicians, nbc tv shows, and has won many competitions in production called beat battles.

The sky is the limit with the diverse talent of DMD and it’s hard to say what he will be doing next. Currently he is working on releasing his debut album featuring the best of the best from his home town of Denver that he plans to release no later than May 2023. Keep up to date with DMDTheProducer and what he is working on by signing up to his newsletter below.

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